About the Journal

The secret is comprised in three words- Work, Finish, Publish. One who writes something wants to publish it. The scholarly works are published in forms of Journals. Research Journals are tools to advance one’s carrier. People want to share their knowledge by publishing it in journals Books etc. There are hundred scholarly peer-review Journals, and number of articles are published each year. This journal will be an addition to these journals. It will have a responsibility to refine and define information and act as filter. A journal is a scholarly publication contains his articles written with research methodology.


The department of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religions wants to launch a Research Journals which will fulfill the demands of scholars of Islamic and Arabic Students of Pakistan. It will focus on social, political, Economic, Educational, and Cultural issues of our country. Articles will be invited on the Topics/Subjects of the Quran, Hadith, Tafseer, Seerah, Comparative Studies etc. It is hoped the readers will get some useful insight into this service industry for academia.