Water Purification: An Analytical Appraisal of the Viewpoints of Islamic Jurists


  • Allah Ditta Lecturer Islamic Studies Department F.G. Degree College for Women Multan Cantt
  • Muhammad Amjad Associate Professor Department of Islamic Studies B.Z.U. Multan




Water Purification, Jurists, Islam, viewpoints, Islamic Law, wastewater


Water is the precious blessing of Allah Almighty which is found everywhere in the world. Hence, its usefulness is neglected, and it is wasted unreasonably. Due to its excessive use and human activities, the water sources are becoming polluted too. The rivers, streams and watercourses are too polluted for human use. This situation created water scarcity in the world. Pakistan is also facing acute water deficiency and it will soon become a water stress country from water scarcity state. It demands appropriate measures to treat water as a precious wealth and to use it carefully so that coming generations will not have to face the music. One of those measures is to clean the wastewater so that water scarcity could be eliminated. This paper examines the wastewater treatment in Islamic perspective. In this research, the viewpoints of four Imams regarding water purification have been elaborated and suggestion have been enlightened in brief.