Hazrat Sheikh Seyyed Ali Hussaini Lahori's Concept of "Qalb"

حضرت شیخ سید علی حسینی لاہوری کا تصورِ قلب


  • Muhammad Azam the university of lahore
  • Muhammad Tahir Hussain
  • Muhammad Zaka Ullah




Islamic Studies, Aqaid, Tasawuf, Kalaam, Types of Hearts.


  Islam is a comprehensive and complete system of life. There are instructions on how many human and different ways of life are available. Man is not in any way in his life and in any other stage of any confusion; As Islam did not guide him. Do not have custom light on all aspects of beliefs and ethics. Even the personality guides humans as well as its existence. In the human body, the center of spiritual and material life is the heart. 'Heart' is the key and key element of the human body that plays a key role in the body of human beings. Therefore, in the eyes of the Qur'an, the accuracy of human actions depends on the accuracy of the heart. It is impossible for humans to gain faith and its rewards unless the hearts are cleansed by the infidels. That is why the Qur'an mentioned many types of hearts. And the interpreters still debate with its types of hearts in many ways. Syed Ali Hussaini Lahori has also been focusing on many types of hearts. It is very important to read and understand them. This article will be discussed about these types.