Fortification from Environmental Pollution: The Insinuation from Islamic Teachings in Contemporary Epoch

ماحولیاتی آلودگی سے تحفظ کے ضمن میں اسلامی تعلیمات سے استفادہ کی عصری معنویت


  • Allah Ditta F.G. College for Women Multan Cantt
  • Muhammad Ramzan
  • Hafiz Ahmad Saeed Rana



Environmental Pollution, Fortification, Sīrah, Pakistan, Islam,


Scientific and technological developments have served a lot for the benefits of the Mankind in this universe however these developments have created many problems too. Environmental pollution is on the top of those problems which is a major threat for the survival of Mankind. Allah Almighty has designated the Sīrah of the Holy Prophet a complete guidance and a perfect role model for the whole world till the day of judgment. That is why, the Muslim society always try to find solutions for their problems from the Sīrah of the Holy Prophet. In this article the Sīrah of the Holy Prophet for combating and tackling these issues have been discussed and the significance of the Sīrah has been focused especially upon Pakistani society has been described. In the perspective of the current situation faced by our country, it is quite necessary for our society to attain the light from the teachings of the Holy Prophet to solve these issues and problems and to protect our environments from these harmful elements and belongings.