A research review of the political and jurisprudential insights of Hazrat Umm-e- Salma

حضرت اُم سلمیٰ کی سیاسی اور فقہی بصیرت کا تحقیقی جائزہ


  • Qudsia Khakwani the women university multan
  • Sabiha Abdul Quddus




: Society, Betterment, treatise, achievement, tolerance,, mutual understand.


Women are the integral part of the society. Therefore Islam paid a special interest for the welfare of the women the prophet (SAW) raised the status of women and ranked them at the high place. Not only him (SAW), his wives also took interest in the betterment of women Hazrat Ayesha, R.A, Hazrat Umm-e- Salma R.A are very important figured to be named for the social and family life of the women. This paper wins focus on her achievement s concerning women of the Arab society. At the end, their effects will be seen in the present snario and some conclusions will be drawn from this research treatise.