The Impact of Quranic reading on Islamic Laws

قراءات قرآنیہ کے احکامِ فقہ پر اثرات


  • sabiha azhar The Islāmia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan
  • Tasmia Kaukab
  • Siddiqua Tahira



Types of Qira’at, Mutawaatir, Shaadhdh, Islamic Law,, Scholar method


It is obvious that the Qur'anic verses affect jurisprudence. There are ten different recognized school of Qira’at.According to hadith, the Quran was revealed in seven Ahruf.The Quran which is currently available is written and recited according to the harf of Quraish. According to scholar, there are two methods of Qira’at  Mutawaatir and Shaadhah.The method which were supported by a large number of  reliable narrators were called Mutawaatir and the method in which the number of narrators were few were known as Shaadhdh. The Qur'an is regarded as the first source in jurisprudence .One of the reason for the disagreement among scholars is because of different types of Qira’at.This article will reviewed (examine) how many types of recitation are there? What is the impact of different Qira’at on Islamic Laws? What are the scholars’ views about different Qira’at?