Sustainable Development and Prospects of Inclusion of Non-Muslims in the Islamic State, Research Study in the Light of the Prophetﷺ's Life

پائیدار ترقی اور اسلامی ریاست میں غیر مسلموں کی شمولیت کے امکانات، سیرت النبیﷺ کی رو شنی میں تحقیقی مطالعہ


  • Najeeba Kanwal Baha ud Din Zakaria University Multan
  • Muhammad Awais Irshad Bahauddin Zakriya University Multan



پائیدار ترقی, اسلامی ریاست, غیر مسلم۔, سیرت النبیﷺ


Religious and worldly development is essential for the survival of a state and for sustainable development, the implementation of justice is compulsory in all departments of the Islamic state's political, social, and economic fields. Inhabitants of the Islamic State are Muslims and Non-Muslims. Still, in spite of having different nationalities, every inhabitant of the state has been put into practice in the sustainable development of the state. In this research article, it is emphasized that is Islam tolerant of seeking services of Non-Muslim for the stability of an Islamic state. Does Islam offer non-Muslims to play their role in all state departments? Other than that in this paper, guidelines through Seerah Tayyaba( S.A.W) will also be discussed other than that in this paper, guidelines of Holy prophet PBUH for Non-Muslims are clarified that how they took part in state's different fields and what are limitations and possibilities.