Historical Contribution of Muslim Women in the Construction of Islamic Society at Medina During the Early Period of Islam


  • Nasim Akhtar SBB UNIVERSITY




Islam, women, role, society, Madina, knowledge


The paper is an analytical study of the above topic and this research paper mainly describes the social role of early Muslim women, including the Umahat-ul- Momineen, the believers, the Companions, and the early Muslim women of Islam. These Muslim women played a very active role in the collective betterment of the society and played a central role in its construction. Their role is a unique example for contemporary women of how they have played a full role not only in religious but also in scientific and defense matters by performing the duty of formation and evolution of society in a graceful manner alongside men. They proved his mettle by working side by side. This article is a summary of their effective role and its highlights their contribution for the society.