Training method of "purity and kindness" in Islam and Iqbal’s thought. In the light of Abdul Hassan Nadvi's Views.

اسلام میں ’’تزکیہ و احسان ‘‘کا تربیتی منہج اور فکر اقبال، ابوالحسن ندوی کے افکار کی روشنی میں


  • ڈاکٹر فوزیہ فیاض فیاض University of Sialkot
  • ڈاکٹر نعیم قیصر الازہری الازہری



Purgation, Spirituality, Faithfulness, Islam, Iqbal, Nadwi


Purgation and purification of individual is core need for betterment of society. whereas, Faithfullness/  Ihsan  is essential for exaltation of humanity. Hazrat Mohammad PBUH is sent for the guidance of the whole universe as a” Reformer” for endorsement the  righteous deeds in society . This practice, we can observe in the lives of  companions of Hazrat Mohammad PBUH positively in which, Faithfulness/ Ihsan is essential for the completion of faith.This is called a specific  and desired state of believer. In Hadith;  “ Hazrat Mohammad asked by someone; what is faithfulness? Allah’s apostle replied: To worship Allah as if you see him, and if you cannot really see him, then you must consider that He is looking at you (Bukhari) ”Teachings of Holy prophet can be divided in two categories;  Purgation and purification apparently and Spirituality. Islam has its own road map for human beings to live their lives according the righteous path not only their worldly matters but their internal and spiritual matters.This research article will high light the Iqbal’s words of poetry which is penned with the scholarly views of Abul Hassan Nadwi. Considering the requirement of the topic, It is noteworthy that, it is a theoretical effort served to present a framework of practicality. Therefore, the methodology used is to reexamine existing literature in descriptive way on the subject.