A Biblical Study of Priesthood & Spiritual Saints Leadership Of Judaism & Christianity in Their Religious Perspective


  • Dr. Tayyaba Razzaq Visiting Lecturer, Sheikh Zyed Islamic CenterUniversity of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan




Priesthood, Spiritual Saints Leadership, Judaism, Christianity Papacy


The significance of Saints Leadership in Judaism and Christianity is of vital rank. Although both religions recognize the same Biblical characters and their viewpoints on the significance of these religious personalities have diverged greatly, albeit sometimes even matching motifs and themes. The influence of religious institutions and leaders have on the growth of religious heritage is undeniable; however, it has been received very slight attention in the literature review.

As religious & spiritual leaders of Judaism and Christianity, they serve the community's spiritual needs and help them understand the religious laws and practices they need to follow. It is important to note that a spiritual leader is inherently more qualified and trained religiously than any educated person ‘comes to leading services.

 The purpose of this paper is to examine the role of religious leaders and the effects on the growth of their religions and their role of Priesthood and Papacy in biblical perspective. The qualitative methodology has been adopted. The research carried out in descriptive & an analytical manner.