The Word ‘‘عداوت’’ (Enmity); It’s Causes a7nd Usage in the Holy Quran; A Research Overview

لفظِ "عداوت" کےاسباب اور قرآنی استعمالات کاتحقیقی جائزہ


  • Dr. Shams ul Hussain Zaheer The Women University Sawabi
  • Shehla Shams Shams Mphil researh scholar The Women University Swabi
  • Dr. Ibrahim Jaan



Keywords: The Holy Quran, Qur’anic Sciences, ‘‘عداوت’’ (Enmity), Causes, Solution, Interpretation



The beginning of all kind of sciences goes back to be attached with the Holy Quran, whither these sciences relate to hereafter or this uncertain life. When the Holy Quran was revealed, many doors of knowledge were opened to enlighten human life with, and this process is still going on.  One of these doors is, the vast way of the sciences of the Holy Quran renowned as Uloom-Al-Quran ((علوم القرآن. From very beginning, this portion of sciences was given great important, as this is how to deal with the different kinds of knowledge and to take advantages from. This focus was in the life of the Holy Prophet ﷺ and afterward in the era of his ﷺ companions as well, and all these efforts were for the betterment of the list uncertain life and the life hereafter. Like so, it also made the folk discover some other aspects of knowledge which has a clear relevance with thematic, practical, and applied life of human being and Jin. Some of these aspects are structure of a word, a sentence, syntactical, morphological, dialectic and interpretational beauty of the Qur’anic vocab. One of these aspects is the usage of a word having multiple meaning according to its own origin or to the context. Like so the word “عداوت’’ (Enmity) has been used many times in the Holy Quran with different literary and contextual meanings. This article discusses upon the in a research way, the very word with its various meanings and the causes of the enmity according to the Holy Quran. Practicing upon the method that the usages of the very word have been discussed firstly, supported by its literary meanings, and secondly the causes of enmity are deliberated in light of the relevant verse(s) of the Holy Quran. And how could be refrain ourselves from these displeasing causes and it consequences for having peace in this world and hereafter.  This research will open new chapters for the upcoming researchers and especially for Urdu speakers, and will help them in searching out such kind of specified areas. As it is and inductive, descriptive and analytical type of research, so both the methods have been adopted for gaining it’s achievement in a good manner.