A Guidline from Uswa e Rasool SAW about Inferiority Complex

احساس کمتری : اسوہ رسول ﷺ سے رہنمائی


  • Dr. Shaista Jabeen Govt Graduate College for Women
  • Dr. Ayesha Tariq Tariq




Mental Health, Personality Complexes, Awareness,, Guidance from Uswa E Hasna


When we come to compare ourselves to people who are highly skilled, intelligent, beautiful or more advanced in their fields, we may see ourselves as inadequate in comparison with them. This is something quite normal which motivate us to improve our skills and personality. However, when these feelings of inadequacy become overwhelming or start negatively affect our lives that may be indicate towards an inferiority complex. According to Psychologists an inferiority complex is characterized by constant feeling of inadequacy or insecurity in one’s daily life due to belief that he/she is physically or mentally inferior to others, whether this belief is based on a rational assessment or not. A sense of inferiority complex is often normal in childhood. However, sometimes, these childhood experiences are carried into adulthood in unhealthy ways. The primary inferiority complex symptoms, is low self-esteem, negative self-image, social distancing, feelings of frustration and loneliness are common.

            In our society mental health is not given that much importance to consider it as illness and went to specialists for help.In this article we will discuss this issue in the guidance of Seerat of the Holy Prophet PBUH, so that we can overcome this complex in the light of Islamic Teachings.