Surrogacy: Between Islam and European Secularism A Comparative Study

تأجير الأرحام: بين الإسلام والعلمانية الأوروبية - دراسة مقارنة


  • Dr. Mohammad Numan Hassan Department of Qur’anic Sciences and Islamic Studies International Islamic University Chittagong



Islamic bioethics, Medical bioethics, Renting wombs or (Surrogacy), European Secularism


Medical sciences have made many developments in the field of modern procreation, using modern methods that help with artificial insemination, so surrogacy or renting wombs is one of the discoveries of contemporary medical sciences. It is an alternative to carrying the fertilized egg instead of the biological mother. And here we are now in this regard on the comparative approach to surrogacy from the point of view of Islam and Western secularism about an equal and non-measurable relationship. Both are dedicated to the well-being of the mother, child and society, but the methods are not always the same. Islamic bioethics is clear in banning surrogacy by highlighting the problem of lineage and the social chaos that causes other problems. Western bioethics is relatively secular and often takes a practical approach.