Scholarly Services of Allama Abdul Hamid Badayuni

علامہ عبدالحامد بدایونی کی علمی خدمات


  • Mazhar Hussain bhadroo Ph.D scholar GCU Lahore



Badayuni, Muslim Ummah, Multidimensional personality, Subcontinent.


Allama Abdul Hamid Badayuni (1901-1970) was a renowned scholar, contriver, and elocutionist. He rendered valuable services to promote religious knowledge and wrote about diverse topics. He wrote several books about Quran, Hadith, sociology, and for awakening the Muslim Ummah. Allama Abdul Majid Badayuni had a multidimensional personality and was a great leader. Being overwhelmed with religious passion, he devoted all of his abilities to religion and nation. His services for the propagation of religious knowledge are viewed with respect even today and will be remembered forever in the Subcontinent. Allama Badayuni's thoughts should be utilized in solving contemporary political and economic problems. In leadership and rule, it is necessary to use firm thought, which can be obtained from the thought of Allama Badayuni.