Bait-ul-Hikmat: An Institution of Literary Development Under Abbasids (751-1258AD)


  • Mehmooda Irfan Wyne



Bait-ul-Hikmat, Abbasids, Literature, Education, knowledge


A recorded review subsequently gathers encounters of the past and passes them on
to decide the course of our future activity. The instruction arrangement of the Muslims,
throughout the hundreds of years delivered those thinkers, researchers, legal scholars, the
men of letters and specialists in each field of information, who had made inconceivable
commitments to workmanship, writing, verse, logic, medication, space science, geology,
material science, speculative chemistry, mineralogy, legislative issues, and so on. These rich
Muslims have commitments which made in the different branches of science filled in as a
reason for the improvement of the present day science. None of these accomplishments
would have been conceivable however for that dedication to learning and instruction which
has described those individuals all through the history. The proposed research through the
deductive approach is an attempt to investigate the training arrangement of the Muslims, its
ideological bases esteems and qualities which affects the knowledge of the world positively.
At the House of Wisdom, Important ideas from around the world came together and would
be discussed threadbare. The period of Abbasid caliphs was the age of the highest evolution
and greatest development of the Islamic society, knowledge and culture. It was the phase of
modernization and scientific development in the history of Muslim world.